The best adventures are found within the pages of a book. Do you remember taking flight in Never Never Land or swinging through the trees of The Jungle Book? We love books as much as face paint and think the two go well together. This month, we want you to throw a book-themed party and transform your children into their favourite characters - all you need is a touch of face paint. We have lots of other ideas for you to try, too.


  1. Base
    Base With some black paint and a brush, draw a thick circle around the right eye. Then draw an eye-patch band on the forehead.
  2. Detail
    Detail Now draw a thick line under the nose. Paint some uneven tufts on the underside. This will be the moustache. Then, draw a cross on the left cheek and place two dots at the end of each line. This will make crossbones.
  3. Finish
    Finish Take some yellow paint and a brush. Draw dots round the outside edge of the eye patch.


  1. Base
    Base Take a sponge and cover the face in yellow, but leave the chin area untouched.
  2. Detail
    Detail With a clean sponge, dab some white paint down the nose and either side of the nose. With some red paint and a brush, draw two large tear shapes from either side of the nose, down over the cheeks.
  3. Finish
    Finish Use a thin brush and black paint. Draw two stripes from the top of the nose and up the forehead. Then draw two more between them and finish with an arrow shape. Now draw two stripes above each eyebrow. Then, draw a triangle-shaped stripe under each eye. Draw two more stripes on each cheek and finish by drawing the nose and whiskers.
  • How to make a Miniature Book We love books – colourful storybook characters always make us feel creative. After you’ve finished painting the faces of your favourite ones, we thought you’d like another fun idea to try. We put our heads together to create this miniature origami book. You can make it with your children, step-by-step. It has real pages for keeping little notes inside. Watch this video to find out how.
  • How to make a Tinkerbell Tiara Peter Pan is one of our favourite books. Pirates, adventure, magic and fairies – who can forget the wonderful Tinkerbell and her magic fairy dust? If you have any aspiring fairies in your house, they’ll love this Tinkerbell Tiara. It’s easy to make but looks magical – just watch this video to find out how to do it.
  • How to make King Louie Cupcakes King Louie is one of the cheekiest characters in The Jungle Book, so how could we resist creating a delicious cupcake design in his honour? If you want to get your party swinging, give these cakes a try. All you need to do is watch our video tutorial and follow the steps.