Jungle Party Ideas


Jungle Party Ideas

Careful – there’s a tiger on the prowl among those trees. We suggest inviting some animal friends round to keep her company. Time for a jungle party: all you need is some face paint, bits and bobs from around the house and a dash of imagination. We’ve created some fabulous furry faces and easy-to make activities, so step this way. Roar!


  1. Base
    Base Using some grass green paint, create a mask like in the picture. Take care to bring it right down the cheeks and paint an outline of semi-circles above the eyes – these are for the ears.
  2. Detail
    Detail Fill the ears and space around the mouth with white paint – leave the nose bare.
  3. Finish
    Finish Take a thin brush and outline the top of the white semi-circles in black paint. Then add fur on the inside of the ears, on top of the head and at the side of the eyes. Now paint tufts at the very top of the ears. Finally, paint the end of the nose and add dots beside the mouth.


  1. Base
    Base Using a sponge with some bright yellow, paint a mask that comes down the cheeks in two points and covers all of the nose. At the top of the mask, add two triangles for ears.
  2. Detail
    Detail Now use a brush with some white paint to make two smaller triangles inside the ears. Then with a sponge and the same white, gently dab colour down the nose and across either side of it.
  3. Finish
    Finish This is easier than it looks: take a brush with some black and outline the tip of the ears and the tip of the white inner ears. Then add fur across the very top of the head. Now draw a curvy line around the inner eyes that stretches down the nose and around the white cheeks. Add three black dots on the forehead and three on each yellow cheek. Now draw three mini whiskers on each white cheek. To finish, paint the end of the nose and add some small dots to it.


  1. Base
    Base Mix some dark brown paint with some white paint. Use a sponge to make a mask that covers most of the forehead and the cheeks - just like in the picture.
  2. Detail
    Detail Using some dark brown face paint and a brush, outline the mask. Make sure you neatly fill in the bare skin on the forehead and bring the outline down onto the cheeks. Now take some white and paint in the area around the mouth and chin.
  3. Finish
    Finish Now for the fun part – take a thin brush with black paint and add lots of monkey fur around the light brown mask edge. Add three horizontal black lines down the nose and then paint the end of it. Finally, add two lines either side of the mouth like in the picture.


  1. Base
    Base Using some purple and a thick brush, draw a mask that goes round both eyes, covers all of the forehead and tapers down the outside of each cheek. Do not cover any of the nose.
  2. Detail
    Detail Using some white paint and a brush, fill in the nose, across the top of the lip and both cheeks. Now add some fine fur at the top of the forehead and either side of the eyebrows.
  3. Finish
    Finish With some black paint, colour in the end of the nose like in the picture. Now add whiskers on the cheeks and paint a little arrow above the top lip.


  1. Base
    Base Take some white face paint and a sponge to create a mask that covers the entire nose, all of the cheeks, and has two smallish points just above each eye.
  2. Detail
    Detail Use a thin brush and some black paint to draw two ears over the white points – simply outline the edges, then draw two ‘arrow’ shapes pointing into the bottom inner corners. Now draw three tufts coming out of the corners.
  3. Finish
    Finish With the same brush and black paint, draw a straight line down the nose with two curved lines either side. Then paint the end of the nose like in the picture. Now add two large arrow shapes on the cheeks that point to the inner corners of the eyes. Finally, add some thicker arrow shapes to the cheeks and beside the mouth.


  1. Base
    Base Take some bright yellow, orange and a sponge and paint the entire face, taking care not to go too close to the eyes.
  2. Detail
    Detail With a clean sponge, dab some white down the nose and either on side of it, like in the picture. Now with a brush and some black paint, draw three whiskers on each cheek. Finally, paint the end of the nose and add a little line coming down from it towards the lip.
  3. Finish
    Finish Using a thick brush with black paint, draw two wavy lines that stretch up from either side of the nose to the middle of the forehead. Then add three small stripes in between the lines, like in the picture. Draw two stripes above the eyebrows and two under the inside corners of the eyes. Now add two stripes across each cheek and on the chin. Lastly, paint the end of the nose and add whiskers.


    CARD, SCISSORS, BALLOONS Find some card in dark and light green, some fruity coloured balloons, a pair of scissors and some string.
    MAKE YOUR LEAVES Carefully blow up the balloons – but not too big. Then, cut leafy shapes from the green card – just like in the picture.
    FASHION YOUR FRUIT Use the string to tie the leaves onto the balloons. Now decorate the party room with your lovely, colourful jungle fruit.


    FIND YOUR PICTURES Find 10 images of jungle animals online and print them out, or draw your own on some cards.
    CHOOSE A GUESSER Choose a child to be the guesser. Hold up a card and have them stand behind it so they can’t see the animal.
    IMITATE THE ANIMAL The rest of the children must imitate the animal they see on the card and the guesser must guess which one it is correctly.


    GRAB A BAGUETTE Fill a large baguette with something tasty, like egg mayonnaise and cress.
    SLICE AND SEGMENT Cut the baguette into pieces that are slanted at different angles. Pop them on a plate, arranged in a snakey S-shape.
    SAY HISSSSS Slice an olive in half and stick on the end of the baguette for eyes. Then cut a piece of cucumber into a tongue-shape and pop it in the end of the baguette to make a tongue.