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Cut Finger beginner's guide



Soften a small ball of wax and apply to your finger. Using water, spread the edges to blend into your skin.


Using the edge of the spatula, make a cut in the wax — not too deep.


Use the stipple sponge to dab red face paint or cake blood onto the wax. Drip some Gel or Theatre Blood into the cut and let it run down your finger!

• You Will Need •

Special Fx Face Paint Kit
Product Info

This special SFX kit has everything you need to create some truly gruesome designs for your Halloween Party! The molding wax is great for sculpting fake wounds and big noses and the gel blood has just the right amount of goo to make any wound extra realistic. You'll also get some burgundy face paint, spatula, stipple sponge and a handy step by step special effects guide.