How to paint a....

Penguin beginner's guide



Using a sponge and some white paint, draw two think arches at the top corners of the browline. Then draw an inverted triangle between the eyes. Now take a brush and black paint and draw a thick line at the top of the triangle. Then outline the white arch on the right and bring the stripe right down onto the cheek. Do the same with the other one, then take a sponge and some yellow, dabbing the colour on the triangle tip.


With a thin brush and some orange, outline the yellow section of the triangle to form a beak. On the cheek at the end of each black stripe, draw four lines to make toes and colour in the space between them to make webbed feet. Now outline the beak in black, draw some nostrils and then outline the toes.


Use a thin brush and some white to add shine to the bottom of each wing and across the top of the head. Add a little to the side of the beak, the wing-tops and the toes.