Face Paint Techniques

What do I need to start Face Painting?

You can paint a fantastic face from the first time you pick up a face painting brush. With only a few colours and simple strokes, it really is easy to create simple designs that children will love. Then, with practice, you can learn to create incredibly detailed works of art.

You will not need to buy vast amounts of expensive equipment, but the following items are essential.

Essential Tools:

  1. Water-based face paints: You can choose from individual pots of colour or a standard 8 colour palette. We recommend you start with at least the three primary colours: red, yellow, blue, plus a black and white, this way you will be able to create other colours by mixing them.
  2. Sponges: We suggest using a high-density sponge as this type of sponge will give you better coverage and reduce any streaking. When using a sponge try cutting one into wedges as this will give you a fine edge as well as a broad surface.
  3. Brushes: Use brushes for the finer details. Snazaroo brushes are made from Toray and they are one of the best types of brushes for face painting as they give more control. They are made from synthetic fibres and are therefore much less expensive than sable brushes.
  4. Bowl of water: Bowl of water to rinse your sponges and brushes.

Other useful tools and accessories:

  • Glitter gels: Glitter is one of those things which is questionable whether it is essential or not, as every little girl loves to have some sparkle in their design!
  • Glitter dust: To add that extra dimension and sparkle to your creations.
  • Hairband or clips: To keep hair away from the face.
  • Small Towel to keep your hands clean.
  • Stencils: These are always helpful if you’re not particularly confident at painting freehand.
  • Mirror: So your model can admire their finished creation!

Choosing your Face Paints

Always ensure you select high-quality face paints which have been fully tested and approved by all EU and US legislation (FDA Approved). To find out more, see our safety section.

To see our full range of colours, why not download and print our Snazaroo colour chart.

Face Painting Kits

As you will see from the website Snazaroo have created a variety of kits ranging from small Theme Packs which can paint up to 10 faces, to large Professional Kits which can paint 1000+ faces.

If you are looking for a face painting kit for your child/children a good kit to start with would be the best-selling Rainbow Face Painting Kit, this great kit can paint up to 50 full faces and includes a fabulous full-colour 28-page step-by-step guide.

Alternatively, if you are planning to face paint at your child/children's party you may wish to purchase the Ultimate Party Pack Face Painting Kit, this again is another super kit which can paint up to 60 full faces and also contains a full colour step-by-step guide along with one of the most important products for those little girls, Glitter!

If you are feeling confident in your ability and wish to branch out a little further or maybe create your own business, then why not try our Professional Face Painters Kit, this comprehensive kit can easily paint over 1000+ full faces and contains everything you need to get you started.

If you require any further information on choosing the right kit for you, please contact us here.