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  • What are your delivery options?
    Free standard delivery on all UK mainland orders - orders to countries outside of the UK may be subject to additional import/customs (vat) charges. Find out more about delivery options outside of the UK and to the UK by visiting the Delivery Information page.
  • I would like to close my account with Snazaroo, how do I do this?
    Please email [email protected] with your request to close you account with us. Please also include your full name and the email address associated with your account as this can speed up the process.
  • Are Snazaroo face paints suitable for sensitive skin?
    All Snazaroo face paints are specially formulated to be fragrance-free and friendly to the most delicate skin. However, we recommend that before you start, you swipe a small test area on the inside of the arm or elbow.
  • What should I use to remove Snazaroo face paints?
    Some colours in our range contain high pigment contents and in some cases and on certain skin types may be a little stubborn to remove. This depends on different skin factors such as the dryness of the skin, the amount of natural oils in the skin, the absorbency of the skin, the elasticity of the skin, what else has been applied to the skin prior to it being face painted, how strong you are applying the paints (the amount of water you add), how many times the face has been painted, the temperature of the day as well as the skin surface and how long the paint stays on the face and what is used to remove the face paints. In most cases, you should be able to remove the face paint with some warm water and soap. We do note on the packaging that some colours may stain but any staining will go away. We recommend continuing to use warm water and soap or baby wipes but if the skin becomes irritated from scrubbing we suggest to leave it for a while before trying again. We recommend that when you use face paints again, you try putting a layer of white as a base that should stop any staining.
  • Are Snazaroo face paints non-toxic?
    All Snazaroo face paints are manufactured to be compliant with EU and US Toy Safety and cosmetic regulations. Snazaroo face paints are not classified as hazardous to health or the environment.
  • Are Snazaroo face paints tested on animals?
    Snazaroo products have not been tested on animals.
  • How long will the face paint stay on my face/body?
    Face paint will stay on until you wash it off under normal circumstances. Always remove paint before going to bed.
  • Does Snazaroo face paint wash out of clothes/fabric?
    Snazaroo face paints are water-based and will wash out of most fabrics. However, please remember that due to the high pigment content, some colours may stain.
  • Are Snazaroo face paints gluten-free and nut-free?
    Snazaroo products do not contain any gluten or nuts. Although we have strict manufacturing procedures, our manufacturing facilities do not undergo routine nut testing, and therefore, we cannot support a nut-free claim.
  • Are Snazaroo face paints safe for pregnant women?
    Snazaroo face paints are compliant to cosmetic regulations. There are no known ingredients in Snazaroo face paints which are unsafe for pregnant women, but if you have any queries we suggest speaking to your medical doctor before use.
  • Are Snazaroo face paints suitable for vegans or for vegetarians?
    Some of our Snazaroo face paints contain lanolin, an animal-derived ingredient. As such, our products cannot be categorised as vegan/vegetarian. However, the glyceryl stearate in our face paints does not contain any animal ingredients, and there are no other ingredients (other than lanolin) which are derived from animals in our face paints.
  • What is the minimum age for children to have their face painted?
    Snazaroo face paints are safe for all ages, but we recommend face painting for children 3 years old and over. When painting younger children, we recommend a small motif on their cheek, hands or arms.
  • What do I need to start face painting?
    Please visit the How to Face Paint section of our website for helpful information, inspiration, and tips to get you started with your face painting adventures!
  • Can I put the face paint in my hair?
    Snazaroo face paints are designed for use on the face and body. People do use them in their hair as they are water-based. However, please be aware that some colours contain high pigment content and can be stubborn to wash out. It is also not advisable to apply dark colours to very light hair.
  • Can I refill the Brush Pens?
    Snazaroo Brush Pens aren’t refillable. However, we’ve packed in as much paint as we can for hours of painting in each pen.
  • My face paint has gone very soft, what has caused this, and can I make it hard again?
    This may have been caused by either:

    1. Too much water being added, leading to the paint becoming soft and lumpy
    2. Storing the paint in conditions which are too hot

    To rectify this, try:

    1. Drying off your paints with a clean kitchen towel. Doing so should absorb most of the moisture. Use a dabbing motion so as to reduce the amount of paint wasted.
    2. Storing the paint in a very cool room. Doing so usually sets the paint hard again. If you face paint in hot weather you may want to invest in a small cool bag which you can store your paints in during the day to stop them from getting too hot.
  • Why is my face painting coming out streaky?
    All Snazaroo face paints are water-based and only require a small amount of water to give a good, even coverage. Streaking is usually caused by adding too much water to your brush or sponge. Try using a little less water. For best results try using a high density make-up sponge as this will give you better coverage and will also reduce any streaking.
  • I am a blogger/influencer – How can I review your products?
    Please contact [email protected] for further information.
  • Can your products be purchased in-store?
    Yes! Please consult the [email protected] and a member of our team will get in touch with you.
  • Does Snazaroo face paint act as sunblock?
    Snazaroo products do not act as any form of sunblock. Using sunblock under Snazaroo products is your own choice and doing so may make the face paint difficult to apply. We also cannot guarantee how this will affect the sunblock’s performance.
  • Do you facilitate any courses? Where can I get a face painting certificate?
    Please visit the Face Painting Association website for more information about face painting courses. They are a professional face painting organisation that may be able to point you in the right direction for courses and certificates.
  • If I am a face painter, do I need insurance?
    We are asked on many occasions if face painters should take on public liability insurance and from where to obtain it. Our answer is always the same: yes, it is advisable for anybody wishing to start a face painting business to take out insurance. Many corporate clients would expect you to have this cover. High Street brokers should be able to obtain quotes for you.
  • How many pots would I need to cover my whole body?
    It is similarly difficult to calculate how much of the body each pot can cover; this will vary depending on how thickly you apply the paint. As a guide: 1 x 18ml pot will easily cover 1 average size adult from head to toe.
  • How many faces does an individual pot cover?
    It is very difficult to calculate how many faces each pot can cover, as it varies depending on how thickly you apply the paint and how much of the face you want to cover. As a guide: 1 x 18ml pot can cover anywhere from 50 to 100 full faces. 1 x 30ml pot can cover anywhere from 80 to 160 full faces. 1 x 75ml pot can cover anywhere from 200 to 400 full faces.
  • Will the face paint dry once applied?
    Yes, face paint will dry to the touch once applied. However, it may rub off if something brushes up against it or if it comes into contact with water.
  • Do you have a safety data sheet for your paint?
    You can find the Safety Data Sheet in the Safety tab of each product on this website.
  • How long can I keep Snazaroo face paints, once opened?
    We recommend that you use your face paints within 18 months of opening.
  • How do I change details on my account?
    Details can be changed by logging into your account and editing the details as you please.
  • How do I create an account?
    Click on the 'Register' link onsite. Once there, follow the instructions on-screen to create an account.
  • Can your products be purchased in-store?
    Yes. Please consult the Store Locator to find your nearest stockist(s).
  • Do you take telephone orders?
    Yes. You can purchase our products over the telephone by calling +44 (0) 1643 707659.