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Homemade Halloween Costumes

Looking for a creative, wallet-friendly way to stand out at your next costume party or Halloween event? Join the DIY Halloween craze.

For crafty and artsy individuals, consider transforming cardboard, fabric, and glue into a stylish pirate costume or something prehistoric!

Making your own costumes is a fun and engaging activity, but also allows you to express your personality and passions in a way store-bought costumes simply can't match. Unleash your creativity, and ensure a unique and personalized look that will turn heads. Plus, you'll likely save a few pounds in the process!

The possibilities are endless and face paint helps any costume hit the mark. Tap into your favourite films, books, or video games for inspiration, then let your crafting skills shine. Whether you're a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just starting out, these homemade costume ideas are for everyone!

Dinosaur Costume

Not your average prehistoric get-up this dinosaur costume is a homemade masterpiece, designed to make your little dinos feel like a real-life T-Rex, Stegosaurus, or whatever tickles their fancy! Big white teeth, fins that swish with every step and face paint to complete the look!

Skeleton Costume

Unearth some "spooktacular" magic with a homemade skeleton costume that will steal the Halloween spotlight this October! This eerie bone rattling ensemble is guaranteed to send shivers down some spines!

Pirate Costume

Prepare to set sail on a swashbuckling journey of creativity and imagination with a fantastic Homemade Pirate Costume!
Whether it's a party or just a day of swashbuckling at home, a hat, sword and eye patch are all you need to unlock a world of pirate magic!

Lion Costume

Roarrrr-some fun awaits as the king of the jungle with this DIY Lion Costume idea. Crafted to whisk little imaginations away on an african adventure, this purr-fectly wild outfit is guaranteed to make them stand out of the pack.

Bat Costume

Broken umbrella? Don’t throw it away - inspire playtime adventure with a brilliant homemade bat costume instead! All you need are sharp scissors, black electrical tape and some cotton wool (or other padding). Make this upcycled Halloween costume without ever leaving the house!


Halloween at home is the perfect chance to take some photos to share with friends and family, so why not get creative with face paint? Sometimes the most striking looks are the most simple, and our face paints are all skin-friendly and washable with water - meaning less mess to clean up after! Here’s a couple of our favourite looks...


To create this frightening feline look, all you’ll need is our Brush Pen Halloween Pack, with the black and white mixed together to create the grey. Make sure to draw the outline of how you want your undead cat to look first. Use the White Brush Pen to highlight the fur, and add in the orange to create scars and blood drips from the fangs.


Using just three spooky colours from the Halloween Face Paint Kit you can bring this Spider Girl to life! Start by sponging on the Purple, then take the Black to paint on the spider webs and finish by using White for highlights! Pair this face paint with an all black outfit and your little ones will be ready to start spinning their webs!


For a ghastly look that will chill you to the bone, have a go at this Sugar Skull face paint design using the colourful Ultimate Party Pack! Start off with a white base, adding black circles around the eyes, a diamond on the nose, flourish on the forehead and stitches across the mouth. Then get creative and use your favourite colours to decorate your Sugar Skull with swirls and tear drops!